Safeheart Foundation Ltd

Safeheart Foundation Ltd. is a values-driven non-profit organisation that places strong emphasis on building resilient people and creating positive, productive environments. Their primary mission is to promote education and prevention of bullying, domestic violence, and abuse. Safeheart fosters a culture of safety, love, and empathy, empowering individuals to become safehearts - people who are safe to be around and create secure environments for others. Working for Safeheart Foundation offers opportunities to make a real difference in the lives of individuals and communities, from school children to corporate professionals. By joining their passionate team, employees can help develop programs and initiatives that directly tackle the root causes of destructive behaviors and encourage positive, supportive relationships. Safeheart Foundation is dedicated to understanding and addressing the impact of positive and negative masculinity on society, families, and communities. This endeavor provides the chance to contribute towards building stronger, healthier communities, where individuals can grow and thrive. If you share their passion for empowering people and creating safer environments, Safeheart Foundation offers an inspiring opportunity to work for an organisation that truly changes lives.