SeeBeyondBorders Australia

At SeeBeyondBorders Australia, they're on a mission to address the systemic deficiencies in Cambodian education and make a lasting, positive impact. This dedicated non-profit organisation works tirelessly in partnership with local communities and the Ministry of Education, focusing on primary schools in Cambodia to sustainably improve education standards. They achieve this by training teachers, developing digital resources, and nurturing the next generation of educational leaders. recognised with international awards and maintaining strict financial and regulatory requirements, SeeBeyondBorders is a professional, accredited, and independent organisation. Driven by their vision of quality teaching, their efforts have benefited 27,000 children in early-grade primary school, and influenced government reforms, thus making a difference in countless lives. When you join the SeeBeyondBorders team, you become part of a rewarding experience that evokes passion and dedication to create positive, sustainable, and sweeping change in Cambodian education. You'll work alongside talented individuals, all striving to achieve a brighter future for Cambodian children. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to become a Changemaker and make a difference in the world with SeeBeyondBorders Australia.