Shalom Media Australia Limited

Shalom Media Australia Limited is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to sharing the peace of Christ with the world through its family-friendly television channel, Shalom World. Broadcasting 24/7 and available in high-definition for over 375 million English-speaking viewers across the globe, Shalom World is unique in its commitment to commercial-free programming that supports and uplifts the human spirit. As an organisation, Shalom Media Australia thrives on a strong foundation of values, guided by a spirit of service, compassion, and unity. Team members at Shalom Media are passionate about making a positive impact on countless lives and nurturing spiritual growth among individuals and families, irrespective of their background, creed or culture. Those who join the Shalom Media family have the unparalleled opportunity to contribute to a thriving organisation that seeks to create a world inspired and transformed by faith, hope, and love. Become a part of this dynamic and purpose-driven team, where you can work among like-minded individuals, who are dedicated to making a real difference in this world. Experience firsthand the joy and fulfillment of empowering others through the life-changing message of the Gospel, as you be a part of Shalom Media Australia's mission of fostering peace and harmony.