Shandar Smith Foundation

Discover a life-changing career alignment with the Shandar Smith Foundation, an incredible organisation driven by true passion and an unwavering commitment to making a real difference in the lives of young people. Fueled by the memory of Shandar Kristen Smith, an inspiring young lady who left the world far too soon, the foundation proudly carries on her legacy to uplift, encourage and support children and families facing their darkest moments. With an enriching array of programs, resources and initiatives, the Shandar Smith Foundation has made an indelible impact within the community and beyond, continually forging bonds of unity and understanding. Embrace this unique opportunity to work closely with valued supporters, make lasting connections and witness first-hand the powerful and enduring change that one person can make. Find your purpose, your passion, your place within the uplifting, inspiring and compassionate world of the Shandar Smith Foundation. Together, let's honor the memory of Shandar and empower our youth to confidently navigate life's toughest challenges, one-step at a time. Join us now at