Short Black Opera Company Pty Ltd

Short Black Opera Company Pty Ltd is a vibrant and dynamic not-for-profit organisation that aims to make a difference through the power of music. They are passionate about discovering, developing and delivering outstanding operatic performances that incorporate the unique cultural diversity of Australia. This extraordinary organisation is dedicated to empowering Indigenous artists, promoting a sense of belonging and celebrating the vast beauty of their shared heritage. Their innovative projects such as Ensemble Dutala, Cheeky Opera, Eumeralla, Pecan Summer, and the Dhungala Children's Choir, showcase the versatility and enchanting magic of opera that transcends cultural boundaries. Additionally, their Woven Song project weaves the captivating tapestry of music, art, and history to create a breathtakingly unforgettable experience for all. The SBO team takes great pride in their mission and vision, as they continue to evolve, inspire and unite communities through the spellbinding joy of music. By joining the Short Black Opera Company, you will become an instrumental part of a creative and dedicated team that strives to make the world a better place through the enchanting power of opera. So, embark on this exciting journey and help them spread love, hope and unity through the transformative magic of music.