Skin Check Champions

Skin Check Champions is a passion-driven non-profit organisation dedicated to making skin cancer history by championing early detection and supporting Aussies in their fight against this deadly disease. By joining the Skin Check Champions team, you'll be a vital part of groundbreaking initiatives such as Project Check Mate, which aims to create the world's first targeted, AI-assisted national skin check program. With values rooted in teamwork, community, and innovation, you'll work alongside a diverse and motivated group of champions, partners, and specialists who are committed to saving lives. Working for Skin Check Champions, you will be not only raising awareness but also directly contributing to life-saving support services and clinics. You'll also have opportunities to participate in fun and heartwarming events like the Sydney Skinny Dip, which raises funds for skin cancer prevention. With a strong connection to the community, the organisation has forged lasting partnerships and received media coverage, amplifying its impact. If you're looking to join an organisation making a real difference in people's lives, Skin Check Champions is the perfect opportunity for you.