Sophia Waldorf School Association Incorporated

At Sophia Waldorf School Association Incorporated, the focus is on nurturing a healthy social life, where each human soul finds its reflection within the community, and every individual's virtue thrives. By inspiring free human beings to impart purpose and direction to their lives, the school endeavours to develop warm-hearted, creative, resilient and courageous individuals, who can face the challenges of a rapidly changing world through love in action. Sophia Waldorf School provides a living, integrated education inspired by Dr. Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy. It emphasizes the holistic development of the child, their head, heart, and hands, through meaningful and creative learning experiences. Trusting relationships built on respect and a deep understanding of every child are foundational to the school's mission, as well as providing a supportive community for families throughout their child's educational journey. As an incorporated association and a not-for-profit organisation, Sophia Waldorf School is committed to employing trained and experienced Waldorf teachers and aids. The school uses the Steiner Education Australia Curriculum Framework, which meets all National Education standards. Join this thriving community in nurturing the growth of each unique child and making a difference in their lives.