South Melbourne Life Saving Club Inc

South Melbourne Life Saving Club Inc (SMLSC) is a vibrant and dedicated not-for-profit organisation with a vision to be the leading bayside lifesaving club, providing a safer and more fun community environment on South Melbourne Beach. At SMLSC, you'll be part of a family-friendly, engaged community of volunteers who passionately contribute to the safety and well-being of the beach-going public. From participating in thrilling competitions to engaging in up-to-date lifesaving training, SMLSC offers its members an opportunity to make a real difference and create lasting friendships along the way. SMLSC is proud of its history and strong community presence, and with your help, it continues to evolve and grow. By joining SMLSC, you're not only becoming part of a group dedicated to beach safety, but also committing to a culture of learning, respect, and camaraderie. Experience the joy of saving lives, keeping the beach safe, and forming lifelong connections by working with South Melbourne Life Saving Club Inc. Make a meaningful impact today, and create lasting memories for years to come.