Sports Health Check Australia

Sports Health Check Australia is an inspiring non-profit organisation that is wholeheartedly committed to making sport safer for everyone involved. With a clear mission to protect the lifelong well-being of sports enthusiasts and fostering strong community connections, this organisation truly values the safety and welfare of individuals who partake in sports at all levels. The dedicated team at Sports Health Check Australia focusses their efforts on independent research and educational programs to address the ever-present concern of concussion and head injuries in sport. By working tirelessly to improve the general understanding of concussions, advocating for better testing protocols, and promoting rehabilitation methodologies, they aim to support past, present, and future sports enthusiasts in the best possible way. This organisation invites passionate individuals who share their commitment to making sport safer for everyone to join them on this rewarding journey. By working with Sports Health Check Australia, you can contribute to making a real difference in the lives of sportspersons nationwide, and be a part of a positive change in the world of sports.