Sri Guru Singh Sabha Sikh Cultural Society Of Victoria Incorporated

Discover a fulfilling and inspiring career opportunity at Sri Guru Singh Sabha Sikh Cultural Society of Victoria Incorporated, a compassionate and dedicated non-profit organisation that strives to promote and nurture Sikh culture and values. At the heart of this caring community, you will find a team of passionate professionals working seamlessly to empower, educate and enlighten individuals of all ages. Explore their diverse range of programs and initiatives, from Punjabi School and Keertan classes to weekly religious congregations and special events commemorating significant moments in Sikh history. As part of this warm and supportive environment, you will have ample opportunities to grow and thrive, enhancing not only your professional skillset but also nurturing your personal spiritual journey. Feel the camaraderie and sense of unity as you work alongside a dynamic team of like-minded individuals, all driven by a common purpose to uplift and serve the broader community. Embrace this unique chance to make a lasting impact on the lives of countless individuals, fostering harmony, faith, and cultural pride within the Sikh community. Join Sri Guru Singh Sabha Sikh Cultural Society of Victoria Incorporated today and experience a career that truly makes a difference in the world around you.