Sri Om Foundation Limited

Sri Om Foundation Limited is a compassionate, values-driven organisation dedicated to empowering seniors and improving their quality of life through various programs and services. Providing seniors with essential care in the comfort of their homes, the foundation focuses on uplifting the human spirit with dependable, trustworthy support tailored to the unique needs of each individual. With a variety of services such as day centers, advisory services, home care, retirement living, transitional care, housing assistance, and educational seminars, Sri Om seeks to enrich, empower, and engage seniors in meaningful activities while fostering a sense of independence and community involvement. Driven by the belief that Humanity leads Divinity, Divinity leads to Unity, Sri Om Foundation not only caters to the elderly's physical needs but also aims to create a nurturing and positive environment that spreads its impact beyond just its beneficiaries. By joining the Sri Om team, you have the opportunity to contribute to the global movement of making the world a better place for our seniors while working in a loving, inclusive, and supportive community dedicated to transforming lives.