St Finbar's Catholic Church Brighton East

Situated in the charming suburb of Brighton East, St Finbar's Catholic Church is a thriving hub of the community that values empowerment, collaboration, and compassion. As a member of the Brighton Covenant of Churches, St Finbar's brings together people from various walks of life, forging deep connections and fostering a sense of belonging. With a strong focus on both spiritual growth and personal development, this friendly parish offers abundant opportunities for growth, learning and engagement. Working at St Finbar's is not just another job – it's a calling to serve and make a true difference in the lives of others. Here, you'll collaborate with passionate and dedicated individuals, constantly striving to create an inclusive and supportive environment. In addition, St Finbar's offers a dynamic and vibrant workplace that nurtures the professional development and well-being of its staff. With strong ties to the adjacent primary school and tennis club, St Finbar's plays an essential role in the neighborhood, providing essential services and promoting spiritual, social and individual growth. By joining the St Finbar's team, you'll not only impact the lives of the parishioners but also contribute towards the greater community. So embark on a fulfilling and meaningful career journey at St Finbar's Catholic Church Brighton East, where you'll be inspired, motivated and enriched every day.