St George Family Support Services Inc.

St George Family Support Services (SGFSS) Inc. is a shining beacon of hope and solace for families in need. Their mission is to create a world of happy, healthy, and safe children, united under the belief that together, we can be an ocean of support. By fostering an environment of unity and compassion, they strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of their community members. Located in Carlton, NSW, this inspirational non-profit organisation offers school programs, family services, parenting groups, and other vital resources to empower families and promote well-being. Funded by the NSW Family and Community Services, SGFSS diligently serves as a guiding force for those struggling with life's challenges. A career at St George Family Support Services offers the opportunity to be a part of a passionate and devoted team, dedicated to transforming lives and generating lasting impact. By joining SGFSS, you will be inspired every day by the magnificent work being done to uplift families and create bright futures for generations to come. Embrace a career where your skills and compassion will make a significant difference in the world, and where you can proudly contribute to a mission of hope, unity, and support for families in need.