St John Ambulance Australia (Act) Incorporated

St John Ambulance Australia (ACT) Incorporated is a trusted non-profit organisation dedicated to saving lives through first aid training and community-focused services. They are passionate about equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills essential for handling emergencies and promoting a safer environment for all. As an employee of St John Ambulance ACT, you'll be part of an inspiring team that values compassion, dedication, and expertise within the fields of first aid, health services, and community education. By joining the St John Ambulance ACT team, you'll play a pivotal role in shaping communities and ensuring the well-being of those around you. With various opportunities available, from training courses and event healthcare services to volunteering programs and community workshops, there is something for everyone passionate about making a difference. In this rewarding and fulfilling career, you'll be part of a proud history that traces back to the Order of St John, an organisation steeped in tradition and service, dating back more than 900 years. Don't miss this incredible chance to become part of a movement dedicated to saving lives, one first aid action at a time. Visit today to explore how you can become part of the St John Ambulance ACT team.