St Johns Lutheran Primary School Portland

St. Johns Lutheran Primary School Portland is a blossoming institution grounded in its mission to provide a quality education in a supportive, safe, and enriched learning environment. This inclusive and values-driven school cultivates a warm, welcoming learning community that nurtures academic excellence and is rooted in the teachings of Christ. By choosing to work at St. Johns, you'll be joining a dedicated team that helps every student embrace their God-given talents to serve others, while equipping them with essential skills to thrive in an ever-changing world. The school emphasizes its core values - Praise, Love, and Serve - to guide all aspects of education. At St. Johns, learning is the focus, ensuring each child receives a stimulating, relevant, and purposeful experience tailored to their individual needs. This is achieved by employing teaching methodologies based on current best practices, fostering an inclusive community of learners, and recognizing the pivotal role families play in their children's development. Be part of St. Johns Lutheran Primary School Portland's story and contribute to shaping the lives of students in a compassionate, growth-oriented, and Christ-centered community. Your passion for education and commitment to transforming young minds will make a positive impact in the hearts and lives of both the school and the wider Portland community.