St Kilda Mums

St Kilda Mums is a fantastic not-for-profit organisation committed to creating a future where we waste less, share more, and care for every baby and child. With a strong sense of community and an unwavering dedication to supporting families in need, this NFP rehomes various nursery equipment and baby essentials, positively impacting the lives of countless children and parents. When you work with St Kilda Mums, you'll be part of a passionate team that provides free material aid to social services on behalf of struggling families, helping them get back on their feet. By joining St Kilda Mums, you'll contribute to their vision of a more sustainable and caring world, and experience the rewards of transforming lives and providing hope to those in need. You'll be surrounded by like-minded individuals committed to making a difference, taking pride in the organisation's values and the incredible impact they make. So if you're seeking a fulfilling opportunity where your efforts truly matter, St Kilda Mums may be the perfect place for you. Be inspired and join the team in making a positive change in the lives of families in need today.