St Pauls Burwood Parish

St Paul's Burwood Parish, a thriving Anglican community rooted in Sydney's inner-western suburbs, offers a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for those seeking spiritual nourishment and growth. With an emphasis on beautiful worship and genuine care for all people, St Paul's aims to make a difference to its community and the world for good by celebrating the Anglican heritage and engaging in diverse and active church activities. At St Paul's, you will find a community that values traditional Anglican worship and Christian fellowship, with opportunities for Bible study, bus trips, recitals, playgroups, and community engagement through Parish Pantry and community hubs. The Parish's ministry team, including Rector Father James Collins, Senior Assistant Priest Reverend Michael Deasey, and Lay Minister Ms Rosemary King, are dedicated to nurturing spiritual growth and fostering an environment where everyone feels welcomed and connected. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, St Paul's Burwood Parish invites you to become a parishioner, join one of their regular services or activities, and be part of a community that seeks to bring love, life, and being to all. Be inspired to embark on a unique spiritual adventure with the dedicated and passionate team at St Paul's Burwood Parish.