St Stephens Anglican Church Greythorn

St. Stephen's Anglican Church Greythorn is a warm and welcoming faith community that strives to provide a safe environment to grow in faith and service. For years, they have gathered each Sunday at their North Balwyn location, but are now embarking on a new and exciting journey, merging with the TIMA churches of St. Timothy's Bulleen and St. Mark's Templestowe. This evolution offers new opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, as well as a range of engaging activities and initiatives led by their committed Ministry Leaders. St. Stephen's places a strong emphasis on not only spiritual guidance, daily Bible reading, and Bible study groups, but also on fostering meaningful connections through social activities and mid-week social contact. They are dedicated to child safe ministry and ensuring the wellbeing of all members of their community. By joining this tight-knit community at St. Stephen's Greythorn, you will be surrounded by like-minded individuals and a supportive network that will allow you to thrive in your faith and service. Be inspired by their rich history and become an integral part of their transformative journey into the future, as they continue to make a positive impact in the lives of their members and the communities they serve.