Stepahead Australia Ltd

Stepahead Australia Ltd is a compassionate and dedicated not-for-profit organisation committed to improving the lives of individuals suffering from chronic spinal cord injuries (cSCI) and other neurological disorders. With over 15,000 Australians currently living with the severe consequences of cSCI and an additional 350-400 new cases each year, the need for groundbreaking research, support, and community awareness has never been greater. At Stepahead Australia, they believe that the accelerated development of new, effective therapies can only be achieved by supporting both scientific discovery and the translation of research from the lab to the clinic. Their mission focuses on funding the development of innovative therapies promoting the formation of new neural circuits, a process known as “neuroplasticity”. With neuroplasticity therapies holding potential applications for a wide range of neurological disorders, the work of Stepahead Australia has the potential to improve countless lives. By joining the Stepahead Australia team, you will be part of a passionate, values-driven organisation that is devoted to making a real difference in the lives of individuals and families affected by cSCI and other neurological disorders. In this collaborative and inspiring environment, you will have the unique opportunity to contribute to the ongoing research, community outreach, and global awareness initiatives that are at the heart of Stepahead Australia's mission.