Strathfield Musical Society Incorporated

Strathfield Musical Society Incorporated (SMSI) is a vibrant, values-driven not-for-profit organisation dedicated to fostering community enrichment through the power of music, theatre, and creativity. With a rich history rooted in inclusivity and artistic excellence, SMSI has earned its reputation as a leading centre for musical theatre, producing awe-inspiring performances that uplift audiences and performers alike. By joining SMSI, you would be contributing to a meaningful mission that transcends the stage, with outreach programs and events that build connections and foster a sense of belonging. As part of this tight-knit family of passionate artists, every team member plays a crucial role in crafting memorable experiences that resonate with audiences from diverse backgrounds. SMSI welcomes aspiring and established performers, providing ample opportunities for growth, camaraderie, and self-discovery. Whether taking centre stage or working behind the scenes, SMSI team members are celebrated and nurtured, as they embark on a shared journey of personal and collective triumphs. If you seek an inspiring and fulfilling career driven by the transformative power of music and theatre, Strathfield Musical Society Incorporated is your ideal platform to make a lasting impact and celebrate life, love, and music. Start your journey with SMSI today and be part of a community that truly values your unique gifts and aspirations.