Stroke Association Of Victoria Inc.

The Stroke Association of Victoria Inc. (SAV) is a compassionate and dedicated community-based support service committed to helping people rebuild their lives after experiencing a stroke. SAV recognises the need for stroke support services and is passionate about providing survivors and carers across Victoria with access to the resources they need to reintegrate into their communities successfully. The organisation emphasizes non-clinical, community-based support and self-led recovery through various programs centered around communication, mood, mobility, and community engagement. Stroke Support Centres act as a crucial bridge from hospital discharge to society reconnection, ensuring a smooth and empowering transition for survivors. SAV also offers an online stroke support platform, giving survivors and carers the opportunity to participate in skill development activities, educational talks, and social connections with fellow survivors regardless of their location in Victoria. Driven by the belief that everyone deserves the chance for a full recovery and a meaningful life after a stroke, the Stroke Association of Victoria invites people who share its mission and dedication to join their team. By choosing a career at SAV, you can be part of a community that truly makes a difference in the lives of stroke survivors and their families across Victoria.