Subud Australia

Discover a fulfilling career opportunity with Subud Australia, an inspiring and diverse not-for-profit organisation committed to promoting spiritual growth and positive change. At Subud Australia, they believe that every individual can find their own unique path towards inner peace and understanding through engaging in the spiritual practice of latihan. Offering a place of acceptance and open-mindedness, Subud is a sanctuary for people of all beliefs and backgrounds to experience an unmatched sense of unity and personal growth. Joining the Subud Australia team means being a part of a broader community dedicated to uplifting and assisting those in need. With affiliations with humanitarian organisations such as Susila Dharma, which works on a global scale to alleviate poverty and human suffering, you will have the opportunity to contribute to causes that truly matter. Subud Australia is looking for passionate individuals who value empathy, community and diversity to come together and make a lasting impact in the lives of many. Step into a world where spiritual exploration, personal growth and collective compassion come together to make a genuine difference. Begin your journey with Subud Australia and inspire others along the way.