Sunbury Neighbourhood House Inc

Sunbury Neighbourhood House Inc is a vibrant, values-driven not-for-profit organisation, providing numerous opportunities for lifelong learning, skill sharing, and community-led initiatives that aim to improve connectedness. Established in 1996, this culturally, religiously, and gender-diverse organisation is committed to working with and for the local community, offering courses, workshops, programs, and social groups to cater to diverse interests and needs. The dedicated and passionate team at Sunbury Neighbourhood House Inc includes part-time workers, facilitators, volunteers, and an elected Board of Management, all of whom continually strive to meet the needs of a growing and diverse community. With a strong focus on sustainability, the organisation is active in environmental initiatives, such as Repair Cafe Sunbury, Boomerang Bags Sunbury, and neighbourhood gardening. Embrace the opportunity to work with an exceptional group of individuals dedicated to empowering and connecting the community in a collaborative, values-driven environment at Sunbury Neighbourhood House Inc. Be inspired by their commitment to creating positive change and nurturing personal and community growth in a welcoming and supportive atmosphere.