Sunnyside Kindergarten Association Inc

Welcome to the Sunnyside Kindergarten Association Inc, a nurturing and inspiring environment where little ones thrive and grow. Located in the inner-south east Melbourne suburb of Malvern East, this esteemed kindergarten has been fostering the growth and development of children for over 70 years. Deeply connected to the local community, Sunnyside incorporates a Reggio Emilia-inspired approach, enabling children to flourish through being curious and expressive. Offering sessional kindergarten programs for ages 3-5, Sunnyside is devoted to nurturing children through their important formative years. Proudly rated as Exceeding the National Quality Standards since 2013, Sunnyside provides an environment where children can develop a strong sense of identity and become confident learners. Each child's individuality is celebrated and nurtured by a passionate and experienced team of educators. Through play-based curriculum, unique learning experiences, and community engagement, Sunnyside Kindergarten truly lives up to its legacy of supporting local youngsters in becoming inquisitive, emotionally connected individuals. Come join the Sunnyside family and make a meaningful impact in the lives of these delightful little people.