Swiss Technologies Ltd

Swiss Technologies Ltd, under its health charity Swiss 8, is dedicated to being a positive agitator for change in the realm of proactive mental health. Founded by combat veterans who have faced disconnection, loss of identity, anxiety, and depression, Swiss 8 provides tools and resources everyone can use to build a better, more resilient lifestyle. Their offerings encompass digital tools, certified courses, and national events designed to help individuals connect with their Tribe, create a structured routine, form a strong personal identity, and discover their purpose. Swiss 8 takes pride in its holistic approach, combining the eight pillars of mental wellness: Movement, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Sleep, Personal Growth, Finance, Purpose, and Tribe. Join a team of compassionate, driven individuals committed to making a real impact in others' lives by working for Swiss Technologies Ltd and Swiss 8. Together, you can help change the world, one resilient mind at a time.