Sydney International Piano Competition

Discover a world of passion, precision, and dazzling performances at the Sydney International Piano Competition, a leading not-for-profit organisation devoted to showcasing the best of piano talent. Immerse yourself in an environment where music lovers, extraordinary musicians, and devoted supporters come together in perfect harmony to celebrate, inspire, and nurture exceptional talent from across the globe. Sydney International Piano Competition holds immense respect for the unique capabilities and the transformative power of pianists, inviting entries every four years to unleash their magic to audiences worldwide. Alongside its renowned competitions, the organisation hosts an array of tours, concerts, and other events that provide a platform for both established and emerging stars to connect and captivate classical music enthusiasts. As part of a dedicated team, you will play an essential role in maintaining the organisation's reputation for excellence, innovation, and high artistic standards, while promoting a strong sense of creative community in Sydney and beyond. By joining this prestigious family, you have the opportunity to forge meaningful connections, share your passion for music, and contribute to the growth and success of countless aspiring artists. So make a note, take a seat, and be prepared to embark on a mesmerising journey of unparalleled artistry with the Sydney International Piano Competition – an experience that will reverberate within your soul forever.