Sydney Yogoda Centre Building Fund

Unlock your true potential and contribute to the world’s spiritual growth at the Sydney Yogoda Centre Building Fund. As part of the global Self-Realization Fellowship family, the Sydney Meditation Centre has been providing spiritual nourishment since 1951. Serving as a sanctuary of peace and warmth, this organisation welcomes members from all walks of life to explore the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and practice Kriya Yoga meditation, regardless of their religious beliefs. Uniting people from diverse backgrounds, the Sydney Yogoda Centre encourages personal development through group meditation and spiritual fellowship. The Centre's ultimate aim is to guide individuals from all corners of the globe in finding inner joy and fulfilment, beyond the grasp of worldly matters. Embodying a true sense of togetherness and acceptance, this not-for-profit is more than just an organisation – it is a vibrant community of like-minded souls. You can be part of this incredible journey as they expand their operations, opening new doors to welcome more seekers of spirituality. Working together, we can create an atmosphere of kindness, understanding, and camaraderie that transcends all boundaries. Join the Sydney Yogoda Centre Building Fund today and embark on an inspiring voyage towards self-discovery and boundless tranquillity.