Welcome to The VacSeen Project Inc, an inspiring not-for-profit organisation driven by a vision of creating a healthier community for all. Dedicated to preventing disease among people experiencing homelessness and other vulnerable groups in Australia, The VacSeen Project strives to make a positive impact by providing accessible medical care in familiar, non-medical spaces. At the heart of this passionate team lies a commitment to social justice and inclusivity, acknowledging the diverse landscapes and communities across the nation. Through their innovative outreach healthcare programs, The VacSeen Project has already transformed many lives, with 82 clinics, over 11,000 minutes of engaging conversations with vulnerable individuals, and 836 vaccinations administered. As part of this compassionate organisation, you will be contributing to significant, life-changing initiatives such as the Outreach Vaccination Clinics, ConTREATnuity Program, 'We Give a RAT' Behavioural Health Pilot, and more. This is a unique opportunity to join a team of dedicated professionals who share a common goal of promoting health and wellness among those who need it most. By choosing to work for The VacSeen Project, you will become an integral part of an amazing community of supporters, working together to build a brighter, healthier future for all Australians. With your help, we can continue to make meaningful strides and empower people to live lives of dignity and well-being. Step into a fulfilling career with The VacSeen Project and join us in making a lasting impact!