The Victorian Drama League Incorporated (VDL) is a passionate, inclusive, and influential non-profit organisation dedicated to fostering a thriving theatrical community in Victoria. With a rich history and an unwavering commitment to supporting local talent, it is a vibrant, inspiring place to work for those who share its vision of bringing creativity, culture, and storytelling to life. At VDL, employees play a vital role in promoting the growth and recognition of amateur theatre through various events, including the prestigious VDL Awards, One Act Play Festivals, and Theatre Youth Unleashed programs. They also provide valuable resources such as play reviews, script critique services, and a comprehensive theatre library, ensuring that members are well-equipped to create and participate in remarkable performances. As an employee of VDL, you will become part of a dedicated and friendly team that is fully invested in supporting the artistic aspirations of Victoria's theatre enthusiasts. You'll be presented with opportunities to contribute your unique skills and knowledge to help shape the future of the organisation and have a positive impact on the local artistic community. Join the Victorian Drama League Incorporated, and immerse yourself in a creative, collaborative environment where you can make a meaningful difference in the world of theatre. Shape lives, inspire passion, and be part of a dynamic organisation that celebrates the transformative power of drama.