Tour de Choices is an inspiring and dedicated organisation committed to making a difference in the fight against cancer, supporting patients and their families through their journey. This remarkable non-profit focuses on uniting communities, raising funds, and creating awareness while assisting The Wesley Hospital Choices Cancer Support Centre (Choices). By organising charity bike ride events, they spread hope and compassion, empowering individuals battling cancer to make well-informed decisions about their treatments and overall well-being. Their first charity ride, which took place in October 2019, saw 30 riders participate in a challenging 3-day, 300km cycling event. The organisation also offers training programs and fundraising support to further boost participation and involvement. Through their heartfelt stories, such as Pauline's, they showcase the essential impact of Choices and the critical need for continued support from the community. By working with Tour de Choices, you'll become a part of a passionate and dedicated team that strives to make a lasting difference in the lives of cancer patients - giving them hope, strength, and crucial support throughout their journey.