Taiwan Film Festival Incorporated

Taiwan Film Festival Incorporated (TFFI) is a passionate not-for-profit organisation dedicated to showcasing and sharing the diverse and vibrant culture of Taiwan through the medium of film. Hosting an annual film festival in Australia, TFFI aims to bring the best of Taiwanese cinema to a wide audience, fostering cross-cultural exchange and breaking down barriers between nations. As a proud advocate for Taiwanese film, the dedicated team behind TFFI continually work to provide an engaging and professional platform that embraces the rich storytelling tradition of talented Taiwanese filmmakers. The organisation values creativity, inclusivity, and cultural exchange, ensuring that every edition of the film festival encompasses an eclectic mix of genres and styles that reflect the complexity and diversity of Taiwanese society. By joining the Taiwan Film Festival Incorporated, not only will you get to make a positive contribution to the international film community, but you’ll also become part of a welcoming and supportive team that believes in the transformative power of cinema. With TFFI, you'll have the unique opportunity to help shape a vibrant and inclusive festival that celebrates Taiwanese art and stories, while inspiring people across Australia and beyond to engage with the rich treasures of Taiwanese cinema.