Tashmadada Inc.

Tashmadada Inc. is a contemporary arts company dedicated to fostering collaboration between artists and promoting global cultural exchange. Through innovative theatre and multi-disciplinary arts, Tashmadada brings together practitioners from various art forms, disciplines, and cultures to create exceptional and thought-provoking works that challenge the old and create the new. Tashmadada's projects reflect a commitment to supporting both national and international partnerships, nurturing artistic development, and engaging with the evolving global arts ecology. As a not-for-profit organisation, Tashmadada offers auspicing and support services for creative projects, contributing to the growth and sustainability of the arts industry. With its diverse range of projects, Tashmadada's mission is to encourage engagement, discussion, and exploration of arts practice and cultural traditions through theatre and other art forms. When you work for Tashmadada, you become part of a team that values creativity, innovation, and cultural exchange, inspiring change and creating a meaningful impact on the global arts landscape. Join Tashmadada in their quest to cultivate artistic collaborations, foster global artistic connections, and engage with the multiplicity of voices and traditions shaping the arts today.