The Adelaide Festival Centre Foundation Incorporated

The Adelaide Festival Centre Foundation Incorporated is an inspiring organisation that has been revolutionizing the future of the arts in South Australia for over 50 years. The Foundation firmly believes in arts for all, committed to providing accessible shows and affordable art experiences to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. By nurturing emerging artists and igniting careers in the arts, the Foundation is making an enriching impact on the local community, fostering creativity and innovation for years to come. As a passionate supporter of Adelaide Festival Centre's mission, the foundation is dedicated to making the arts accessible to all South Australians. By working alongside the Adelaide Festival Centre, the organisation provides internships, school programs, and artist residencies to further engage audiences and cultivate the next generation of artists and arts professionals. When you join this organisation, you become a part of a talented and dedicated team that is committed to upholding the Foundation's values and forging a more vibrant arts industry for the future. Together, the power of arts can be harnessed to enhance lives and create a lasting legacy for generations to come, and you can be a part of this exciting and inspiring journey.