The Amasiko Partnership

Welcome to The Amasiko Partnership, a values-driven not-for-profit organisation dedicated to bringing hope, or amasiko, to the people of Kasenda, a remote community in Western Uganda. By the end of 2023, their vision is to improve living conditions, access to education, and opportunities, enabling the villagers to become proudly self-sufficient both socially and economically. At the heart of every project are the people whose lives are being positively impacted. From providing clean, disease-free water through filter systems to distributing dignity packs for women's hygiene, The Amasiko Partnership ensures that fundamental human rights are respected and met. Their Give a Goat - Grow a Goat program empowers women to emerge from extreme poverty while fostering a sense of community ownership and participation. The Amasiko Partnership stands at the forefront of contemporary community practices, working in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They create opportunities for active participation in community and self-development, education, improved health, income opportunities, and cultural development through their respect for local knowledge and initiatives. Join The Amasiko Partnership and become part of their mission to provide hope and create thriving, self-sufficient communities. Your passion and collaboration can make a tangible difference in the lives of those in Kasenda, and together, you can build a brighter future.