The Australian Cartoon Museum Inc

Discover a unique and engaging opportunity at The Australian Cartoon Museum Inc, an outstanding non-profit organisation dedicated to the preservation, celebration, and promotion of the art of cartooning in Australia. At the heart of this inspiring enterprise is an unwavering commitment to showcasing the incredible talent of Australia's cartoonists, creating a vibrant and dynamic space where their art can leave a lasting impact. By joining The Australian Cartoon Museum Inc team, you will become an invaluable part of an organisation that is more than just a museum – it is a creative and thriving community, woven together by a genuine passion for cartoons and illustrative artistry. Those who work for this exceptional NFP will not only be instrumental in showcasing the abundant talent of Australia's finest cartoonists but also in encouraging a diverse and inclusive environment that explores and educates the public about the power of cartoons as a communication medium. In taking on a role within The Australian Cartoon Museum Inc, you will contribute to a growing legacy of artistic passion and appreciation, touching the lives of countless visitors while continuously promoting the magnificent world of cartoons as an essential part of Australia's artistic landscape. Make a meaningful difference and join the Australian Cartoon Museum team today!