The Australian Chinese Medical Associa Tion (Sa) Incorporated

Incorporated is a values-driven, non-profit organisation dedicated to serving and supporting the medical professionals and students within the diverse, multicultural Australian Chinese community in South Australia. As South Australia's leading Chinese medical association, ACMA SA strives to empower, connect, and inspire members to achieve excellence, collaboration, and advocacy in healthcare. Joining ACMA SA means becoming a part of a vibrant, supportive, and inclusive community that values mutual growth, strong partnerships, and cultural exchange. ACMA SA's commitment to fostering the next generation of medical leaders can be seen through their diverse range of programs, networking events, and mentoring opportunities. With a strong emphasis on bringing people together and celebrating achievements, ACMA SA exemplifies the enriching characteristics of a diverse, multicultural society. By working for ACMA SA, you will be playing an active role in empowering the medical community, driving change, and collaborating with individuals who share a passion for healthcare and cultural understanding. If you are an enthusiastic and compassionate individual eager to make a positive impact and contribute to the well-being of others, ACMA SA is the perfect organisation for you. Become a part of this inspiring non-profit and help shape the future of healthcare in Australia.