The Australian Pain Society Limited

The Australian Pain Society Limited (APS) is a values-driven, multidisciplinary association dedicated to transforming pain management by fostering education, research, and advocacy. APS is committed to realizing its vision of ensuring all people have optimal pain management throughout life. By joining this esteemed organisation, you will contribute to a collective effort in providing multidisciplinary insights into the complex nature of pain management. At APS, you will find a vibrant community of medical, nursing, research, and allied health professionals who share a common passion for advancing pain management strategies. The organisation hosts an Annual Scientific Meeting, providing a platform for professionals to exchange ideas and collaborate on projects. Additionally, APS supports various Special Interest Groups, including Pain in Childhood and Basic Pain Research, providing targeted resources and opportunities for collaboration among members. APS's commitment to transformational improvements in clinical care is exemplified by their dedication to education, advocacy, and research. This is evident through their support for scholarships, grants, resources, and numerous publications tailored to the field of pain management. Embrace the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those suffering from pain, and be inspired by a network of passionate individuals committed to improving pain management in Australia. Explore your potential with The Australian Pain Society Limited and help shape the future of pain management today.