The Australian Voices Ensemble Limited

The Australian Voices Ensemble Limited is a renowned non-profit organisation that has been bringing the magic of choral music to life for over thirty years. Committed to celebrating the rich and diverse Australian culture, this influential ensemble is focused on showcasing exceptional local talent and forging connections between artists and audiences across the country. At the heart of The Australian Voices Ensemble lies a deep passion for creating transformative experiences through the power of music. TAV strives to inspire the next generation of musicians, composers, and listeners by continuously pushing the boundaries of what choral music can be. Working for this esteemed organisation means you not only get to share in their love for music but also contribute to something larger than yourself. It is an exceptional opportunity to be part of a legacy built on collective talent, dedication, and artistic excellence. As a member of this close-knit and supportive team, you will be surrounded by like-minded colleagues who share your passion for making a difference through the arts. If you're inspired to join a community of musicians dedicated to elevating and celebrating the Australian choral music scene, The Australian Voices Ensemble Limited is the perfect organisation for you. Together, you can make a lasting and meaningful impact on the cultural landscape of Australia.