The Autistic Self Advocacy Network of Australia and New Zealand

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network of Australia and New Zealand (ASAN AUNZ) is a trailblazing organisation providing a unique platform for Autistic individuals to voice their opinions and contribute to society in a meaningful and empowering way. As the peak body for Autistic Self-Advocacy in both nations, ASAN AUNZ is committed to enabling its community members to achieve their full potential, promoting acceptance, understanding and change for the better. In partnership with ASAN USA, the organisation is part of a global network, working diligently to create a world that embraces and celebrates diversity, ensuring the equal rights and opportunities for Autistic individuals. By joining their dedicated team, you will be part of an inspiring and values-driven community that passionately advocates for the wellbeing, growth, and empowerment of Autistic persons. At ASAN AUNZ, you'll have the opportunity to work collaboratively, contribute to the transformation of lives, and help shape the future for Autistic citizens on an international scale. Together with a supportive and inclusive team, your passion for advocacy, education, and making a difference will be at the core of the organisation's mission, leaving a lasting positive impact in the lives of countless individuals and their families.