The Baptist Union Of Queensland - Cooktown

Cooktown Baptist Church, a ministry of the Baptist Union of Queensland, invites you to join their vibrant and supportive community-based organisation dedicated to making a lasting impact in the picturesque Cooktown area. Their commitment to spreading love, hope, and faith has fostered a warm and inviting atmosphere that encourages both personal and spiritual growth. As an organisation founded on Christian principles, Cooktown Baptist Church values unity, compassion, and service, striving to provide a positive and nurturing home for those in need. When you join their mission, you'll become part of a tight-knit community that places a high importance on togetherness, mutual support, and genuine connections, embracing the notion of believing, belonging, and becoming together. Through their weekly worship services, life-transforming programs, and special events, Cooktown Baptist Church focuses on empowering people to find their purpose and create a brighter future for Cooktown and its surrounding areas. As a valued member of their team, you'll play an essential role in shaping the lives of those they serve, turning their vision into a reality. Imagine the potential rewards of working with an organisation so committed to love, service, and partnership. Explore opportunities with Cooktown Baptist Church today and help build a better tomorrow for the people of Cooktown. Feel free to reach out to them through their website ( or visit their beautiful location at 3 Hogg Street, Cooktown, to experience their inspiring mission firsthand.