The Bible Museum

At The Bible Museum, they are passionate about preserving the rich history and message of the most influential book in human history. Founded by Ellen and Jean Reid in 2009, The Bible Museum houses an extensive collection of over 2,000 historic Bibles, biblical artifacts, and models. The dedicated team values education and offers enriching exhibits and workshops focused on the history of the Bible, archaeology, and musical instruments found in biblical texts. In addition to the museum's comprehensive collection, visitors can explore the Bible Plant and Butterfly Garden, which offers a mesmerizing experience of metamorphosis as part of their spiritual message. With a strong focus on community, The Bible Museum provides guided tours and warmly welcomes group visits from schools, clubs, and churches. Working at The Bible Museum means joining a team driven by a shared passion for knowledge, history, and the enduring influence of the Bible in our world. They are excited to continue growing and sharing their expertise, and look forward to welcoming a new member to their dedicated family.