The Brisbane Dialogues Inc.

Welcome to The Brisbane Dialogues Inc., a vibrant non-profit organisation devoted to encouraging genuine dialogue on significant ideas and issues. As Australia's pioneer civil discourse establishment, The Brisbane Dialogues establishes an inclusive and ever-expanding space for engaging and thought-provoking discussions. Striving to bridge the gap between generations and perspectives, the entirely volunteer-driven organisation takes pride in championing values such as civility, civic-mindedness, curiosity, neutrality, independence, and inclusion. By joining this passionate team, you'll play a part in driving meaningful conversation and challenging the status quo. The Brisbane Dialogues hosts numerous public and private events that demonstrate the art and importance of respectful and constructive discourse. In addition, the organisation supports other groups in refining their conversational approaches, while also publishing the Queensland Talks calendar featuring ideas-based events in the region. If you're passionate about sparking crucial dialogues amidst a respectful environment, then The Brisbane Dialogues Inc. is the perfect place to make a lasting impact. Connect with fellow enthusiasts, open minds, and foster a culture of understanding — together, you'll pave the way for better discussions and a brighter future.