The Cairns Agricultural Pastoral And Mining Association

The Cairns Agricultural Pastoral and Mining Association (CAPMA) is a values-driven not-for-profit organisation that aims to promote the growth and welfare of the agricultural, pastoral, horticultural, and mining industries in the stunning region of Cairns, Queensland. By joining the CAPMA team, you will become part of a dedicated group of individuals passionately working towards enhancing the sustainable development of these vital sectors while showcasing their importance to both the local and national economy. The organisation is best known for hosting the annual Cairns Show, a widely attended event that celebrates the region's rich agricultural history and traditions. CAPMA's strong sense of community spirit, coupled with the opportunity to liaison with diverse stakeholders, make it an exciting and dynamic place to work. Being part of the CAPMA family means actively contributing to the advancement of agricultural practices and fostering connections between industry professionals, local businesses, government agencies, and the general public. If you believe in the mission of promoting sustainable development and fostering strong communities, CAPMA offers you the perfect platform to make a tangible impact. So why wait? Embark on a fulfilling career with CAPMA today and be part of creating a brighter future for the Cairns region.