The Caloundra Men's Shed Incorporated

Discover your passion for creativity and camaraderie at The Caloundra Men's Shed Incorporated, a non-profit organisation dedicated to fostering a strong sense of mateship and community among its members. Guided by the principle that men thrive when they have a space to socialise, learn, and contribute, The Caloundra Men's Shed is proudly supported by the Sunshine Coast Council's grants program. At The Caloundra Men's Shed, members partake in a diverse array of activities like woodworking, metalworking, blacksmithing, restorations, and community projects, all within a secure and welcoming atmosphere. The organisation's mission is to respond to the growing need for men to have suitable places to create friendships, develop new skills, and give back to the community. As a member of The Caloundra Men's Shed, you can be a part of an inspiring alliance that values the positive health and well-being outcomes for men, as well as the benefits that stem from their collective impact on the broader community. Join The Caloundra Men's Shed today and unleash your potential while forging lasting bonds and making a meaningful difference in your local area.