The Centre For Independent Studies Ltd

The Centre for Independent Studies Ltd (CIS) is a leading non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting policies that empower individuals and foster a vibrant, prosperous society. Founded on the principles of classical liberalism, CIS conducts cutting-edge research and advocates for progressive change across a wide range of areas, including economics, education, culture and society, and foreign policy. By joining the CIS team, you will become part of a dynamic and influential community of scholars, adjunct fellows, and researchers. You will have the opportunity to not only contribute to thought-provoking publications and events, but also be at the forefront of driving positive change in Australia and beyond. CIS is an organisation that values curiosity, collaboration, and innovation. It fosters a supportive and inclusive work environment for those who are passionate about making a difference. As an employee, you will be involved in various initiatives, from student conferences to annual gala dinners, engaging with industry leaders and like-minded individuals. Together, you will shape the future of policy and help create a better Australia for generations to come. Embark on a career journey that will inspire, challenge, and reward you – join The Centre for Independent Studies Ltd today.