The Christian Community In Australia Inc

The Christian Community in Australia Inc. is a passionate and welcoming not-for-profit organisation dedicated to fostering spiritual renewal and transformation. Established in 1922, it offers a vibrant environment for free inquiry in harmony with deep devotion, nurturing the individual's connection with Christ's life-giving presence. Built around the seven sacraments in their renewed form, this organisation has flourished into 350 independent congregations worldwide with a strong presence in Australia and New Zealand. Working for The Christian Community means joining a dynamic team that upholds the importance of freedom and responsibility, providing spiritual guidance and growth among diverse communities. Equipped with a strong focus on cultivating an atmosphere of love and genuine care, you will have the unique opportunity to contribute towards touching lives and enriching humanity's relationship with the realm of the spirit. As an integral member of The Christian Community, you will continuously grow on a personal and professional level, walking the Christian path grounded in freedom, love, and service. Be inspired to partake in this journey and explore the opportunity to bring about change, renewal, and hope into the world through a fulfilling career with The Christian Community in Australia Inc.