The Corporation of the Synod of the Diocese of Brisbane - St Luke's Anglican School

St Luke's Anglican School is a renowned, not-for-profit educational institution, committed to inspiring and nurturing young minds in a rich, stimulating learning environment. Located in Bundaberg, Queensland, St Luke's takes pride in its unrelenting dedication to shape well-rounded individuals, empowering them to pursue academic, sporting, and creative excellence while fostering a strong sense of school community culture and connectedness. At the core of the organisation is a multidisciplinary approach to education, offering a comprehensive curriculum, including Early Learning Centre, Primary School, Middle School, and Senior School programs. This breadth of educational offerings is designed to foster curiosity, creativity, problem-solving abilities, and pursuing individual successes amongst its students. In addition to outstanding academic programs, St Luke's emphasises the wellbeing, mental health, and development of its students through its pastoral care framework, ensuring the support of each student's unique needs and aspirations. Working at St Luke's Anglican School is a rewarding experience, offering the chance to shape the future leaders of society and play a vital role in their holistic growth. If you believe in the power of education and the necessity of a strong community, St Luke's are always on the lookout for talented and committed professionals, passionate about nurturing the next generation of exceptional individuals. Embark on a fulfilling career journey at St Luke's Anglican School–where inspiring minds is an everyday privilege.