The Eleanor Dark Foundation Limited

The Eleanor Dark Foundation Limited is a values-driven nonprofit organisation, committed to nurturing and supporting a thriving writing community through their renowned institution, Varuna The National Writers' House. Located in the picturesque Blue Mountains, the foundation offers writers of all levels a serene and inspiring environment where they can focus on their craft and unleash their creative potential. With a strong emphasis on artistic excellence, community, culture, and collaboration, the foundation provides an array of enriching opportunities, including residencies, fellowships, online classes, workshops, and events like the Blue Mountains Writers' Festival. The Eleanor Dark Foundation actively promotes inclusion and diversity, creating spaces and programs tailored for First Nations writers and writers with disabilities. By joining the Eleanor Dark Foundation, you become part of an impassioned and supportive community, dedicated to fostering new literary talent, cultivating connections, and celebrating creativity. With a stellar alumni association, an ever-growing list of success stories, and a deep commitment to making a difference in the lives of writers, the Eleanor Dark Foundation is the ideal place to embark on an exciting and meaningful career path in the nonprofit sector.