The Environment Centre Nt Inc

The Environment Centre NT Inc (ECNT) is the leading community sector organisation dedicated to ensuring the Northern Territory's nature thrives. With a rich history dating back to 1983, the organisation has been at the forefront of advocating for the protection of the area’s unparalleled ecological and cultural treasures. ECNT understands the importance of recognizing the ownership and custodianship of Traditional Owners and the need for First Nations-led solutions to environmental challenges. Working side by side with First Nations communities, ECNT aims to amplify their voices and influence meaningful change. At ECNT, you become a part of a passionate team that believes in defending the unparalleled biodiversity, tropical savannas, and interconnected ground and surface water systems that make the Northern Territory truly unique. Together, the organisation is committed to challenging conventional development paradigms that exploit these ecosystems, fighting against environmentally destructive projects, and holding both government and industry accountable for their actions. If you are passionate about protecting the environment and making a tangible difference in the world, join ECNT today and become a fierce guardian of the Territory's nature. Help pave the way to a future where the Northern Territory's environment is not just conserved, but thrives for generations to come.