The Every Life Matters (ELM) Network

The Every Life Matters (ELM) Network is a commendable not-for-profit organisation established in 2016 that focuses on promoting mental health and preventing suicide in Mount Alexander. As a community-driven entity consisting of dedicated members and service providers impacted by suicide, ELM strives to make a meaningful difference, offering support and understanding to those in need. ELM's primary aims are to: elevate awareness of suicide and suicide prevention, empower the community to look after each other, and assist those grieving from the loss of loved ones to suicide. ELM nurtures a compassionate and supportive environment, seeking to strengthen the bonds within the community it serves. By joining this esteemed organisation, candidates will have the opportunity to contribute to the promotion of mental well-being and life-saving initiatives in an empathetic, values-driven group. The ELM Network is not only a fulfilling career choice but also an exceptional opportunity to be part of a mission that truly cares for every life.